Trousseau Packaging

The most popular gift-wrapping ideas are a fusion of Eastern and Western influences. So one might find swarvoski crystals finding equal place with zardozi boxes, or bandhini cloth with beaded embellishments, covering classic western shapes.

Packaging has Become a very Important aspect of Gifting.Everything is about Presentation Today. On a Daily basis We Pack Gold/Silver Coins(gini’s), Wine Bottles, Perfumes, Toiletries,Chocolates, Dry Fruits etc for all Occasions.

Everything has a Theme now a Days. So We also Suggest Themes or Follow an existing one as per the Clients Requirements.

Floral Ornaments

Its the latest trends of Brides to wear Floral Ornaments for Mehendi Functions.We design and customise these as per the colour and Style of the Brides Outfits. We generally suggest to take contrasting colours to the Outfits.These Ornaments can be designed with a Western or Traditional Touch.We add embellishments also to enhance it.
A Set Of Ornaments include the following

  1. Mang Tikka
  2. Earrings
  3. Necklace (long/short)
  4. Armlets
  5. Bracelet/Bangles
  6. Waist band
  7. Payal
  8. Hair Accessories

Floral Garlands/Varmalas – Jaimala (Exchange of Garlands)

The couple exchanges garlands as a gesture of acceptance of one another and a pledge to respect one another as partners.We design and customise these as per the colour and Style of the Bride and Groom’’s Outfits.

The Car Decoration

A lot of creativity and imagination is needed to decorate a wedding car. Decorating a wedding is not easy. Approval of both the bride and the bridegroom must be taken in order to make it a success. As you vow to spend your life together and live happily ever after, it is important that you do not share minds and thought. Hence the consent and approval of both the bridegroom and the bride is essential while decorating a wedding car.

There are many ways in which a car can be decorated. There are two occasions as such where it is absolutely necessary to be in a wedding car. The first occasion is when the family of the bride arrives with the bride. The second occasion is when the couple sets off for the reception. We can suggest you different colour themes and styles for decorating your car .This all can be customised as per your requirments.

Floral Decoration

Bring fresh, natural beauty to your home with flowers and floral décor.From romantic to bold, flowers can set any kind of decorative tone. Get inspired by the beauty of nature and fill your home with our Ikebana Styled flower arrangements,Packed with colorful inspiration, these arrangements will help you harness the power of flowers. Create an elegantly organic look by blending flower sizes, shades, and textures.

Flowers are a huge part of your wedding and the decoration at your wedding reception. Flowers are usually used in abundance to decorate the wedding ceremony but more so to decorate the wedding reception venue itself.How ever many of little flowers you want surrounding you at your wedding reception it is important that your flowers match your chosen theme or colour scheme. Flowers are possibly the most common form of decoration you will see at almost every single wedding; this is because you can so very easily tie together many different colours using flowers. One simple arrangement dotted here and there around the reception venue could finish everything off making sure all the other decorations at the wedding reception match and compliment each other.

Luxury Home Accessories & GIFTS

A true gift from the heart is anything but off-the-shelf. So naturally, we design gifts baskets with the same imagination and verve that we bring to our flower arrangements. By learning something about the recipient, we can create gifts that reflect their personality, interests and circumstance.

We Have Gifts Ranging From Small Boxes, Metal Thaals,Wedding Favors, Candle Stands,Pouches, Clutches, Potlis, Wooden Trays, To Life Style Products Like Tissue Boxes, Bathroom Sets, Cutlery Holders, Office Sets And Many More

Floral Art, Mumbai will help you put together the wedding favors and wedding gifts best suited to you and your wedding celebrations.

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