Beautiful flowers, have the innocence to express emotions and create impressions for a life time without the need of spoken words just by their subtle presence.

We at Floral Art understand the subtle yet communicative power of flowers and ensure we cater to all your floral needs. We provide creative floral arrangements for special occasions and also specialise in floral decor.

Dry Floral Bouquets/Arrangements

In situations where it’s not practical to make use of Fresh flowers and plants, we suggest Dry/Artificial flower arrangements as a sensible yet elegant alternative. These Dry flower Bouquets will give you the same ingenuity as Fresh flowers.

These arrangements also offer a low-maintenance way to bring color into a room or add visual warmth to space that lacks sufficient light, be it home or office. Simply tell us about your lifestyle and environment and we’ll do the rest.

We Also Create Dry Floral Bouquets With Dry Fruits, Chocolates And Dates Bouquets Too.All These Are Customised To Your Requirements.These Can Be Delivered Any Where In Mumbai

Fresh Floral Bouquets/Arrangements