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Kavita and Srishti
Kavita and Srishti
Seeking new meaning to life, passion to create and freedom of expression using her creativity, is what gave birth to Floral Art in 2002 by then housewife (founder)Mrs. Kavita Kapur.What began just as a hobby ,running classes for a while, choosing exotic material from the local market to decorate occasions of her own home or friends has manifested into a beautiful venture which caters to large- scaled custom designed floral Decoration and gift packaging, for every occasion like weddings, Engagements, Roka Ceremony, all Indian festivals like Rakhi, Ganpati, Diwali, corporate events ,intimate dinner parties at home to special personal occasions and celebrations.

Kavita Kapur's teacher
Kavita Kapur's teacher, Mrs. Lalita Kalambi

Kavita’s 20 years of experience is enhanced by the 3rd masters degree in Ohara school of Ikebana -a Japanese art form of floral arrangements (The Traditional School).

Kavita is firmly partnered by her daughter Srishti who just as her shares similar passion ,creativity and vision. Srishti also has completed 5 degrees under Sogetsu School of Ikebana (The Modern school of Ikebana) to her credit. Floral Art’s creations reflect a beautiful amalgamation of traditional and modern schools of thoughts, the mother daughter duo bring forth with their knowledge, experiences and outlook.

Floral Art promises to make every occasion in your life special and a visual treat for your senses, delivering customized creative themes like:

  • Traditional – Like Peacock, Lotuses Etc
  • Rajasthani – Use Of Vibrant Colours And Mirrors
  • Earthy and Rusty – Use Of Jute ,Chatai And Earthly Colors
  • Western – Use Of Pastel Shades , Crystals, Swarovski
  • Contemporary – Classy / Modern Look
  • Ikebana – Japanese Minimalist Look
  • Marine – Shells, & Pearls
  • Unconventional  and wacky and many more..

The Aboves Themes Can Be Incorporated In Floral Décor And Wedding Packaging.

Floral art endeavours to be the one stop solutions to all your floral and gifting décor needs Like Baby Announcements, Shaadi Packing & Decoration, Wedding Varmalas, Car Decoration, And Much More.